Welcome to the Rory Mullen appreciation Society OFFICIAL website




This is the OFFICIAL(sorry for shouting, i need to be heard) Rory Mullen appreciation society web site page. Welcome into it, have you had a nice day, its been cold hasnt it haha what a great old laugh were having, i hope you are having a fine time surfing the web. I enjoy it immensly (spelt wrong) I like it a lot more than actual surfing, i went one when i was a younger man on a family holiday in france but it was in Brittany so it wasnt overly warm as you imagine france would be, i fell off the board a number of times and subsiquently (also spelt wrong sorry sorry sorry) got an ear infection as i have delicate ears and also very mild asthma.

Sorry for that slight diversion,
as i was mentioning before this page is dedicated to show case and celebrate the work of Irish artist Rory William Mullen, THIS PAGE is in no way sanctioned by Irish artist Rory Mullen, No copyright infringement intended.
Although we are often in correspondence with Rory himself (email, postal letters, hellos in the street, looking through windows/bins), so he knows who we are AND he’s never actually formally objected to the club, which is important to state. he seems nice, one of my pals who works in the garden centre saw him(Rory) with his mother, they were buying an array of different sized pots as they mentioned they were planning to repot some Hyacinths.

If you have any videos or photos that we have not yet featured please get in contact, we here at the society would love to hear from you.
Contact: rorywilliammullen@gmail.com

or you could call the club direct and maybe leave a voicemail if we dont answer on



We here at the society hope you enjoy this web page.

All the best,

Paul O’Brien
(Club Secretary)

Rorys instagram can be found here https://www.instagram.com/rorywmullen/

usage of photo of Bread head kindly granted by dean brierley







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