Fans corner



He seemed normal and nice, and he had the right change. his jumper was nice too 🙂


The bus driver of the bus Rory just boarded.


Hi i met Rory once and To BeHonest he was really fucking ignorant and just kept asking for a sip of my pint.
Niamh from Dublin city

Hi, I think rory has really lost his way, i used to love all that stuff he did with cardboard and now his stuff is just like… so shit (sorry for swearing)
Mark O’Connell from Dublin

Yeah Rorys a pretty cool dude, on the level. he gave me a lend of his copy of some cool short stories and then we listened to some ambient tracks and looked out the window. he had records in his tote bag too (which i think were jazz?) cool
man in the  castle

John the pauper from Moss sidee, ENGLAND




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