It has been said that Rory Mullen was born in Dublin on the 7th of July 1989 to Marie and Bill Mullen. Raised in the idyllic village of Kill Co.Kildare in Ireland. With a passion for school and all things learning he sailed through primary school, getting straight A’s in colouring and in drawing ducks. then onto secondary school in Rathcoole Community school where he took the lord jesus into his heart (hes never left) he was best friends with teachers and janitors alike, securing an amazing 275 points out of 600 in the Irish leaving cert, teachers were seen to weep tears from their eyes upon his leaving, Rory hasnt looked back from there(except once, but all he saw was the man behind him on the bus), he went on to (it is rumoured ) to study FINE ART at Crawford College of Art and Design CORK, there he nurtured his love of cardboard and robbing ideas off spike Milligan, his tutors showed him books on John Bock, Mike Nelson, Kurt Schwitters(maybe spelt wrong), Thomas Hirchornn and many other good artists, Rory nodded and promised to pretend from then on that all his ideas were his own. He made a large cardboard house for his degree show, everyone loved it he thought he was going to be famous and have coco pops for breakfast but he just was on the dole after that, he (while recieving funding from the irish gov) had a residency at the National Sculpture factory where he mourned not being in education. he did some exhibitions then he moved back to Kildare with his mam and dad and was on the dole for over a year being sad and reading sad depressing books, he then(so it is written) got 10000 euros from the credit union in naas Co.Kildare (which he still owes them but his mam pays the interest off on it every month, in the vain hope that one day he will make enough money to pay it back) and moved to MAnchester ENGLAND, he started an M.A in Salford university, over this ma he decided he was fed up with art so now he is trying to write plays and do videos and a radio show. he works in a local bar which he enjoys emmensly and he hopes one day to be on the BBC to make his mother Marie proud. He lives in Levenshulme (a suburb of Manchester). his dreams are to be rich and famous and to smile everyday.

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